Showcase Video will be delayed to next week

Hi guys,

I am really sorry to tell you that I have to delay the video presentation to next week. But it will be worth it I promise ;)

PS. I am still working on the comment problem. Meanwhile you can always ping me via twitter.



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Comments are not Working

Sorry guys for some reason some comments are getting marked as spam when you use your twitter or facebook account. You can comment on my twitter channel here . As soon as the comments are working again I will post about it.


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KFM back in a 3D stage

Its time for a new update post. Right now I am still preparing a presentation video to show you guys what ShugenDo can do. As you can see here.  Hopefully I will post the presentation video on next Sunday.

image002The feature you can see in this image is our good old KFM in a 3D stage. This stage is a “real 3D” stage like in Blaze Blue or Marvel vs Capcom 2. Here some screen shots which will illustrate it better. In the upcoming video I will show you how to create and load them in ShugenDo.


ShugenDoPlayer 2014-09-28 17-20-32-71 ShugenDoPlayer 2014-09-28 17-20-45-56 ShugenDoPlayer 2014-09-28 17-20-56-61Stay tuned for next week ;)

Best Sahin



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1234 commits


Today we reached the 1234 commit count on the ShugenDoEngine(C++). Here are some statistics about the whole project. ShugenDoEngine(C++)

  • We have 1234 commits.
  • The project file size is 1894 MB.
  • 11 external libraries in use.
  • die hard programmers.
  • Total files including the libraries 7049
  • Project started on 2010-03-13


  • We have 619 commits.
  • The project file size is 12.43 MB
  • die hard programmers.
  • Total files including the 395
  • Project started on 2013-03-29

See you on Sunday

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Time for Updates

I am really sorry for the lack of updates but it is also a sign that I am working hard on ShugenDo. I want to inform you more about what is going on. So I decided to establish a twitch session at 22.06.2014 18:00 UTC+1. I will make a live preview about some feature of the ShugenDoEngine and we can chat about it. You can find my twitch channel here.

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Comments are working again

The comment section was not working in the past days. I had some trouble with a lot of spam but hopefully it works now. You can also login with you Twitter or FaceBook account now. I am happy to see your comments. I will try to post about ShugenDo on the weekend.

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Its me Şahin

Today I want to introduce myself and I want to update you about the progress of ShugenDo.
My name is Şahin Vardar, 29 years old  and as you know I am the author of ShugenDo. Bellow you can see a picture of me. 


I am born and raised in Berlin and I am proud be a Berlin native ;). As some of you know I am working more then 5+ years on ShugenDo. In the past I had small but very active community, now I want to go back to my roots and I want to connect more to the community and inform you more about whats going on.  In those years I had the chance to meet a lot of talented people. The mugen community has some great people which do incredible things with mugen and I think with a better tool they can even archive better results in less time. My intention with ShugenDo is to make it more comfortable to create content for a beat’em ups. Also I want to give you guys new ways to create beat’em up games. Since the last 10 years there was no evolution in this genre. Nowadays technically we have more opportunities which are not used for beat’em ups. I want to change this and want to give the community the best tools.

Now you can find me on twitter. Feel free to fallow me and send me message, I will be glad to read them. You can also use your Twitter or Facebook account to post comments on this site. Give it a try on this post ;)
I made a visualization of the work on the ShugenDoEngine. Since 2012 am not working alone on it. My buddy Jan did a great job on the scripting system and other very important parts of the ShugenDoEngine. Thanks to him we have true color OGV video playback and other incredible features of the ShugenDoEngine but more on that in a later post. This video visualize the development of 1458 day in ShugenDo. It starts from 2010 until 7th march 2014.  As you can see there is a lot of work put into the engine. And remember this is the new engine which was created form scratch after I was not comfortable with the old engine. About the same amount of time was spend on the old ShugenDo. Me and Jan are putting a lot of hard work into the engine to save you a lot of time and work.


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Merry Christmas

I wish you a merry Christmas to all of you. Thank you all for your support in this early stage. I am proud to have supporters like you.

I am deeply sorry for the lack of blog post. The reason for the lack of blog post was some good work on the ShugenDoEngine. But never the less I will update you more often about stuff I am working on. I think it is important to show you what my vision of ShugenDo is and on what I am working right now.

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Old Beta 350

After some researches on my old HDD I found the last Beta version of ShugenDo. Since it is some time and some of you would like to see how the old Beta was. Here it is ;)
Keep in mind that this is the old beta and  has nothing to do with the current in development version of ShugenDo.

In Versus mode you can choose your stage with a live preview by pressing left or right to choose the next stage.
At the player select screen you can choose the color of your player by pressing left and right after you selected your player. To confirm press A button again.

Here the key mapping

Player 1:

UP = Arrow Up
DOWN = Arrow Down
LEFT = Arrow Left
RIGHT= Arrow Right
A= Numpad 4
B= Numpad 5
C= Numpad 6
X=Numpad 7
Y= Numpad 8
Z= Numpad 4


Player 2:

UP = w
DOWN = s
LEFT = a
A= g
B= h
C= j
Y= z
Z= u

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ShugenDo ScriptLanguage

In this post I want to talk about the scripting language of ShugenDo. As you know Mugen uses a scripting language called cns. The strong and week point of Mugen is the cns scripting language. It allows you to flexible create your desired characters. But the cns scripting is old and has its draw backs. You need a lot line of codes to accomplish your task in comparison with the script language used in ShugenDo.

Because the scripting language of an engine is very important I took a lot of time to evaluate which kind of scripting language to use. And finally I found a good one. ShugenDo will use C# as its scripting language. C# is a modern object oriented programming language which is used by millions of people around the world. By choosing a language for scripting you have to take several factors in to account. Here are some factors which were important for me.

  • Object oriented. Object orientation is the common standard nowadays and you should expect it form any programming  language.
  • A rich standard library is very important. Do not waste your time by coding something which the standard library can provide. You do not want to (re)create your own collections classes. C# has a rich standard library for nearly anything you need. On top of that ShugenDo provides you with classes and functions for your daily work.
  • A good debugger. A debugger can improve finding bug in your code dramatically.
  • Good run time performance. C#  code will be jitted and you have the ability to recompile your code to the  CPU  machine code of your target platform.
  • Garbage collection. A good scripting language should not let you worry about memory management. C# uses a garbage collector which will free unused resources automatically.
  • A great supporting community. Since C# is used by a broad user community you can find a lot of resources related to your problems.
  • Compiles code to a binary. So you are not forced to provide your source code with a release of your character. It is up to you to provide your source code.
  • A good editor. You can use your favorite C# editor like Visual Studio or MonoDevelop. Those editors are featuring  syntax highlighting and autocompletion.

In the end C# satisfied all of the above factors for me. And I think it will be the key point to make a good fighting engine. Every thing from charterers, menu , level or  level objects will be code in C#. Even the game logic will be coded in C#. I will give the community the ability to influence the game logic and expand it. I get a lot of feature requests and I think the best way is to provide you the possibility to implement those feature by your own. This way the community can create new game modes or new features. I strongly believe in user generated content and I think great things will happen when I provide you with the best tools to create it.

In the past post I mentioned that C# and CNS differ to much. But it seem like a CNS compiler to C# is possible. Right now I am evaluating it.

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