Web site back online

I had some trouble with my server over new year. But now the web site is online again.

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As promised the Showcase Video. Sadly it took ages to process it yesterday but finally here it is. Thank you guys for your support. I will be more in touch with you and will make more updates on this page.

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ETA ShowCaseVideo 25.12.2014

The ETA for the ShowCaseVideo will be 25.12.2014. See it as a little present from me ;)

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Comments are working

The comment problem is fixed. Now you can comment with your twitter or facebook account. I am happy to see your future comments.

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ShowcaseVideo will be delayed.

Hi guys,

I am really sorry to tell you that I have to delay the video presentation to next week. But it will be worth it I promise ;)

PS. I am still working on the comment problem. Meanwhile you can always ping me via twitter.




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Comments are not Working

Sorry guys for some reason some comments are getting marked as spam when you use your twitter or facebook account. You can comment on my twitter channel here https://twitter.com/sakirsoft . As soon as the comments are working again I will post about it.


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KFM back in a 3D stage

Its time for a new update post. Right now I am still preparing a presentation video to show you guys what ShugenDo can do. As you can see here.  Hopefully I will post the presentation video on next Sunday.

image002The feature you can see in this image is our good old KFM in a 3D stage. This stage is a “real 3D” stage like in Blaze Blue or Marvel vs Capcom 2. Here some screen shots which will illustrate it better. In the upcoming video I will show you how to create and load them in ShugenDo.


ShugenDoPlayer 2014-09-28 17-20-32-71 ShugenDoPlayer 2014-09-28 17-20-45-56 ShugenDoPlayer 2014-09-28 17-20-56-61Stay tuned for next week ;)

Best Sahin



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1234 commits


Today we reached the 1234 commit count on the ShugenDoEngine(C++). Here are some statistics about the whole project. ShugenDoEngine(C++)

  • We have 1234 commits.
  • The project file size is 1894 MB.
  • 11 external libraries in use.
  • die hard programmers.
  • Total files including the libraries 7049
  • Project started on 2010-03-13


  • We have 619 commits.
  • The project file size is 12.43 MB
  • die hard programmers.
  • Total files including the 395
  • Project started on 2013-03-29

See you on Sunday

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Time for Updates

I am really sorry for the lack of updates but it is also a sign that I am working hard on ShugenDo. I want to inform you more about what is going on. So I decided to establish a twitch session at 22.06.2014 18:00 UTC+1. I will make a live preview about some feature of the ShugenDoEngine and we can chat about it. You can find my twitch channel here.

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Comments are working again

The comment section was not working in the past days. I had some trouble with a lot of spam but hopefully it works now. You can also login with you Twitter or FaceBook account now. I am happy to see your comments. I will try to post about ShugenDo on the weekend.

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