Its me Şahin

Today I want to introduce myself and I want to update you about the progress of ShugenDo.
My name is Şahin Vardar, 29 years old  and as you know I am the author of ShugenDo. Bellow you can see a picture of me. 


I am born and raised in Berlin and I am proud be a Berlin native ;). As some of you know I am working more then 5+ years on ShugenDo. In the past I had small but very active community, now I want to go back to my roots and I want to connect more to the community and inform you more about whats going on.  In those years I had the chance to meet a lot of talented people. The mugen community has some great people which do incredible things with mugen and I think with a better tool they can even archive better results in less time. My intention with ShugenDo is to make it more comfortable to create content for a beat’em ups. Also I want to give you guys new ways to create beat’em up games. Since the last 10 years there was no evolution in this genre. Nowadays technically we have more opportunities which are not used for beat’em ups. I want to change this and want to give the community the best tools.

Now you can find me on twitter. Feel free to fallow me and send me message, I will be glad to read them. You can also use your Twitter or Facebook account to post comments on this site. Give it a try on this post 😉
I made a visualization of the work on the ShugenDoEngine. Since 2012 am not working alone on it. My buddy Jan did a great job on the scripting system and other very important parts of the ShugenDoEngine. Thanks to him we have true color OGV video playback and other incredible features of the ShugenDoEngine but more on that in a later post. This video visualize the development of 1458 day in ShugenDo. It starts from 2010 until 7th march 2014.  As you can see there is a lot of work put into the engine. And remember this is the new engine which was created form scratch after I was not comfortable with the old engine. About the same amount of time was spend on the old ShugenDo. Me and Jan are putting a lot of hard work into the engine to save you a lot of time and work.


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