What Happened

As you may wonder, you see two sections here. The first section is about ShugenDo and the second section is about the ShugenDoEngine.
So what is it all about and why two sections and what happened to ShugenDo. So let me explain.

All of you remember that ShugenDo once was an attempt to be a MUGEN clone. For about 5-6 years ago I decided to write a MUGEN clone. Since back in that time Elecbyte disappeared and Mugen discontinued with no hope for any improvement. I was a huge fan of MUGEN and liked the idea of an flexible beat em up engine, which allows the community to create anything they want. Over the years my knowledge of how the internals of mugen were working increased and I was able to write my first clone. The first version of ShugenDo was able to play KFM. Still I underestimated the amount of work which it needs to get near where MUGEN is right now. But even after realizing how hard it is, it did not stop me from continuing my work.

After 5-6 Years of developing ShugenDo, its progress was impressive. It has a lot of features which MUGEN still lags today. Some features will be in the next version of MUGEN but not all of them. So what happened to ShugenDo and why the long pause you will ask yourself? One main impact event was the return of Elecbyte but this was not the main reason for stopping the development of ShugenDo. After Elecbyte was back in the game I toke some time to look at ShugenDo and to reevaluate what I want to establish with it.

There were several aspects which stopped me developing ShugenDo as you know it.

  • The engine code was not  in a good shape. I was a noob in the beginning of developing ShugenDo. My skills were far behind of what I am capable now. But my skills improved with the development of ShugenDo. But after looking back at it from my new point of view now, it was too hacky and each new improvement would be hard to do. 
  • ShugenDo was a clone of MUGEN. As more I know about MUGEN the more I realized how buggy and uncomfortable it was. The CNS script language has it limitations and a lot of bugs. Making a clone means to implement bugs to get chars working for ShugenDo. In fact I did that but it is not very satisfying to write code which simulates a bug.
  • I was working alone. Working on ShugenDo alone was ridiculous . I underestimate the amount of work. ShugenDo had 100K lines of code which is pretty impressive to do. Good news is that I am not working alone anymore and working with another guy. It is impressive how the speed of progress increases.
  • MUGEN was not state of the art anymore. Creating content for mugen is a pain in the a**. Just look at the CNS file of KFM. It is ridiculous  how much lines of code you need for a simple character like KFM.  So why recreating something like that?

So whats about ShugenDo and the ShugenDoEngine?

After I took the idea to create ShugenDo from scratch( throwing away 100k line of code) I separated ShugenDo into ShugenDo and the ShugenDoEngine. The ShugenDoEngine is the engine which powers ShugenDo. I decided to create a new engine not only for ShugenDo, this engine is for more general purpose use. With the engine you can create any kind of multimedia apps like games. So why creating a new engine and not using existing one? The simple answer is that non of the available engines which I could offer was satisfying me( Unity3D was not available back in time then) . In the next post I will talk more about the ShugenDoEngine and what you can expect form ShugenDo.


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